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Purchasing a New Cell Phone

Would you rather buy a new cell phone than a pre-owned one at a much lower price? If so, your preference is understandable. If you're a tech junkie and you need to always have the latest gadgets, then a new cell phone is the only option for you.

A new cell phone has many advantages over a pre-owned one, although its clear disadvantage is its steep price. When a phone company introduces a new phone model, especially one that has features you have only dreamed of in a unit, it offers the phone at a very high price that only die-hard fans of new cell phones would fall for.

A new cell phone can go for about $300-$600, and not even the price can deter some people from buying it, even if they know that the price will radically go down after about a year.

A new cell phone gives you the chance to show off to your friends, especially if you're one of the first few owners. A lot of hoopla always accompanies a new cell phone on the market, but this should always have a unique and outstanding feature for it to get noticed.

A new cell phone keeps you on top of the latest innovations and you'll always feel smart and confident with your unit. Remember when the first-ever camera phone came out in the market? It was a new cell phone and everybody wanted to have one. Then came the first 3G phone, and everybody wanted to have a new cell phone with 3G capabilities, too.

Unfortunately, unlike cars or coins, cell phones depreciate through the years. When you buy a new cell phone, you'll get the honor of being up-to-date with the latest tech breakthrough. You'll also have all the warranties you'll need and you shouldn't worry about phone repair.

You can even acquire a new cell phone without having to spend a lot of money initially. Mobile service providers offer various plans or contracts that offer a cell phone for free, provided you subscribe to one of their plans.

In the long run, it will of course cost you more, if you add up your monthly bills and the unused airtime charges, but the idea that you're getting a new cell phone without having to spend anything initially is extremely appealing.

If you're planning on changing your old unit with a new cell phone, try to find a buyer for the old one immediately as it's an additional expense to have to maintain two or more phones.

A new cell phone from a relative newcomer in the industry may be risky; before buying a unit, try to read a few product reviews first. In cases like these, you have to make a little sacrifice by putting off being the first to take possession of that new cell phone brand. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, check out all the features of the unit you're aiming for to see if all its new features are indeed personally useful for you. Many companies have come up with models that were loaded with so many features, half of them were not even useful to the customers.

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