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Tips For Buying a New Cell Phone

There's a new cell phone about to be introduced to the market and you've saved enough for it. The ads all the more hype up this latest gadget and you're so pumped that you don't even care if it has some flaws or downsides.

Why don't you hold off for a couple more days and ask yourself a few questions first before making the purchase? If your new cell phone turns out to be a dud, it will only take a few days before it reaches the product review section of any tech magazine, and you'll have a hard time finding buyers for it.

You can easily get drowned in a sea of various phone models, networks, and features. That said, here are a few pointers to help you go for that new cell phone or not:

Mobile phones have gone far beyond their original purpose of being mainly a tool for communication. Now a new cell phone can be used to surf the Internet, view a friend via a camera in real time, shoot videos, or view and edit documents.

Aside from selecting a new cell phone that will serve your needs, you also have to choose the best service provider. Which one offers the most reasonable monthly plan and has the greatest network coverage in your area? After choosing your service provider, you next have to choose a new cell phone from their list of offered units.

Note that there are only a few handsets which have an "open line" or can be moved from one network to another. The others only function with a sole provider's system, as carriers normally lock their phones to discourage people from switiching providers.

You'll also have to find out whether you need 3g capability or not for your new cell phone. This feature boosts the data-transfer performance of your new phone to 2Mbps, and it's useful for accessing data wirelessly via the Internet.

Check the features of the new cell phone to find out whether most of these will be useful to you. If not, hold off until you find a more appropriate model. Handle the new cell phone before jumping in to see if the design is to your likeing. Would you prefer the clamshell, nonflip, flip-open, slider, or candybar style?

Is the new cell phone ergonomic? Is it easy to punch the numbers on the keypad of the new cell phone? Is it easy to hold to your ear? What about its hands-free feature? Is it really hands free, meaning you can place the unit on a phone stand in your car and talk away while driving? Or must you use an earpiece?

How big is that new cell phone? How much does it weigh? As phones become more current, the smaller and lighter they get; with the exception of Blackberry devices and PDAs with phones and perhaps phones which come with a QWERTY pad.

What's the battery life of the new cell phone? Will it last up to 2 weeks or more on standby? Check the screen size of the new cell phone to determine if it's large enough, and don't forget to consider the LCD's contrast. Some screens are quite difficult to view.

Ask about the minor but helpful features, too, such as voice dialing, voice recording, caller ID, three-way calling, and call waiting.

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