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New cell phones

It seems that there is a conspiracy against people who wish to purchase a new cell phone what with so many gloomy health warnings and precautions. Numerous studies and reports have been conducted to determine the true extent of the degree of harm posed by a new cell phone however it seems that rather than educating consumers, it has simply made a folk devil of cell phones in general, and as a result, consumers are very wary of purchasing a new cell phone . As with any modern, technological device, there are bound to be risks involved. Extensive and prolonged use of a personal computer can damage eyesight, whilst music players can cause a strain on the delicate membranes of the ear. There is no denying that there are risks involved when purchasing a new cell phone and yes, there have been concerns that the radiation they emit is potentially a health risk. However, a new cell phone is not exactly like holding up a block of concentrated radiation to your head every time you happen to use your new cell phone and whilst this is an obvious exaggeration, the so called expert advice is equally skewered as well.

The stereotype of any new cell phone emitting vast amounts of radiation is simply nonsense. Radiation was a concern that was prevalent with the cell phone models that were first introduced in the market, these were the phones that were the size of a brick and just as heavy. These safety risks were worked upon and remedied so that every range of new cell phone steadily safer to use. The new cell phone generally tends to operate in the same manner as a radio station, making use of radio frequency to send the signals and so gone are the days of ionizing radiation.

If you are perhaps still worried and apprehensive about purchasing a new cell phone then you can take comfort from the fact that there is a wide number of accessories available as well so that you can further protect yourself, and not be in fear of your new cell phone . When purchasing your new cell phone you maybe able to get these accessories sold along with the new cell phone, although the internet is an excellent place to look if you want to save money. The Bluetooth earpiece is fast becoming the most popular new cell phone accessory, it keeps the phone from a safe distance from your ear thanks to its wireless nature allowing for a greater degree of control.

It seems that a new cell phone has became the latest status symbol for people today, and it is truly remarkable the number of people who when purchasing a new cell phone go for the most expensive model or brand possible simply to bask in the glory of such an ostensible display of wealth. What people tend to forget is that a new cell phone is a luxury rather than a necessity, cell phones are not like a computer or games console whereby they become out of date and obsolete relatively quickly. A new cell phone is a luxury that can be comfortably avoided without too much fuss, after all, whilst a digital camera, personalised ring tones and other gimmicks are amusing for a while, they do not of themselves drive the need for a new cell phone. Why buy a new cell phone with all the latest gadgets and functions when all you need is a basic phone to send and receive messages, phone calls and the like? Don't become one of the shockingly high number of people who end paying a fortune for a new cell phone only to use a fraction of the actual functions included in it.

Another issue to be aware of when you are purchasing a new cell phone is the call plan for your particular model. There is a wide host of different call packages and they cover a broad spectrum of budgets, requirements and phone brands. Calling plans have evolved on an equal basis with the technology of the cell phones themselves, and whilst once upon a time a call plan meant just that, they have developed to cover the internet usage and downloading available on cell phones. Whilst this offers the consumer an extensive range of services to choose from, this has meant that prices have increased proportionately as well and so you need to make sure you carefully assess the cost of each specific call plan so that you do not end up paying for a whole raft of features that you have no intention of using.

How much do I need to talk on a mobile device?
* Do I have to commute great distances often?
* How many family members or business associates will be on the plan?
* What are the calling habits of the other members I will add to the plan?
* Will I need to do any text messaging?

The above is a list of some key points and things you should give some serious consideration to when choosing a specific call plan. If you use your phone very little then you may be better off signing up for a pay as you use call plan, whereas if you are a heavy user, you may want to utilise a flat fee call plan to maximise long-term savings. Cell phones can be exceptionally expensive and costs very quickly mount up, so it doing some groundwork before you sign up for a particular call plan so that you don't get roped into buying an effective product.

Another invaluable cell phone accessory is a hands free set. Not only will it save you from breaking the law, but will also allow you to maintain your full undivided attention on the road ahead of you at all times. When faced with losing your driving license or life, a hands free cell phone set is a must buy.

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